About Us

Our History and Achievements

Patel Manufacturing was first started by Bachubhai Bavabhai Patel as a “Patel Bachubhai Bavabhai and Company” ( B.B & CO ). in 1958. The company first started manufacturing water pump and submersible pump. The company has been manufacturing vibrators for more than 24 years. Over the years, we have successfully created huge success in all our products, and now our company had grew globally and became trusted brand in India as well as Globally. Today, we are the leaders in designing, inventing, and manufacturing superior quality of vibratory equipments while still keeping the reasonable price.

Patel Vibrators products are known to be for technologically advancements. These vibrators are made in INDIA from the hands of skilled craftsmen and engineers. Each vibrator is manufacturedand tested for precession and accuracy in manufacturing department and carried out multiple quality checks from raw material to finish product before sending it into the market. We keep strong customer relation and give best customer and technical support at any given time.

We manufacture our vibrators in such a way that it remains maintenance free and long life expectancy for our customers. Patel Vibrators are totally enclosed and can be used inside or outside in snow, dirt, or rain. We have designed our vibrators specially for corrosive and rough environment. We have made our products such a way that they remains noiseless, requires no lubrication, and low operating costs.

Today, our products are used by almost all of leading manufacturers of Iron and Steel, Mining, Cement, Crushing, Screening, Construction, Tiles, FMCG, Food, Chemical, Recycling, Foundry, Glass, Agro based and many more industries across globally. Our vibrators are designed to solve a wide variety of problems in speeding the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper or chute, packing material in drums and bags, consolidating concrete, aiding the efficiency of material through screens.